Saturday, August 7, 2010


A Retrospective Look at 4 Jobless Months 

I started this blog with a rant about Kelsey's, my workplace at the time. That feels like so long ago! In April I quit Kelsey's, then I went on a 3 week trip to Europe, enjoyed my last couple of weeks living in Hamilton by completing a "Hamilton bucket list", and moved back to Whitby, my hometown. Over the summer I have been living with my parents, working on distance courses through Athabasca University for my certificate program, soaking up the sun, and being unemployed.

Or am I? I like to think of it as being  "fun-employed!" I came across this concept when a friend posted this article on facebook: Unemployed? More like funemployed.

Urban Dictionary defines "funemployment" as: the state of being without a job, yet having lots of time to enjoy fun activities during otherwise normal working hours.

The question that now plagues me is: did I live up to my funemployed potential? Did I really explore the possibilities of this period of joblessness? I think I have a bit of a handicap because I have been schooling while unemployed, giving me less freedom than other jobless wonders, but I still have more free time than just about anyone else I know (over 18).  So, was the lack of income worth it?

The next few blog posts will serve to answer that question as I search for an end to my jobless state and dig deeper into school (all the while keeping my dream job in mind -captain sustainable planet- to keep me focused). The answer will either help me feel better about dipping (errr... gouging) into my savings for the past 4 months, or make my job search all the more frantic to refuel my ING direct account.

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