Welcome to "Colleen The Lazy Vegan," I'm Colleen, a very lazy vegan.** I became a vegetarian when I was 16 and stopped eating eggs and dairy in September of this year. I describe myself as a "lazy" vegan because I am not particularly enthusiastic about/good at cooking, which is what held me back from making the shift from vegetarian to vegan. But now that I've done it I can tell you it's much easier than I thought it would be, in spite of my lacklustre cooking skills. Now I want to pass my wisdom on to YOU, new vegetarians and vegans of the internet! I will be posting reviews of animal and environment friendly products and food, tips for eating outside the home and perhaps even the odd ridiculously easy recipe here and there.

If you don't believe me about the level of lazy I'm talking about... here is the meal that inspired this blog:

Frozen peas and carrots, some soy "chicken" stuff that I heated up in a frying pan for 3 minutes, left over potatoes from my parents' dinner, and tofitti dairy-free sour "cream." This is not representative of my typical meals, this is a lazy low point after working four night shifts in a row. It's too bad I didn't take a picture of the sandwich I made last night, it was delicious (and effortless). If I had thought about blogging last night the new title would have been "Colleen the culinary superstar of easy food... vegan."

*This blog used to be called "Share The Land," and I posted very random things on it (which are archived in a handy tab on the right because I still like them). Then I stopped posting anything on it. Now that I've decided on a particular topic to write about I'm hoping to be able to focus on writing more often.

**I use the term vegan loosely at the moment because I have not completely cut honey and cane sugar out of my diet, simply because I am still in transition- I'm a work in progress :)

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