Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th I'm in Love

Don't be scared...

Spooky Woods

This one scares me silly. My heart literally sank when I saw it. EEEEEIK!!
Not black cats... but spooky nonetheless

and a wolf howls


Anyone else think we need two Halloweens every year? Just me?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Friday I'm in Love

Happy weekend!

I'm a little late on my "Friday" post... but I'm still awake so it's still Friday to me! I was struggling to think of a topic for today's post, but it came to me this afternoon while I was developing a headache in the library at the Brooklin Community Centre as a seniors drum circle did their thing across the hall. Nothing against seniors, drums, circles, or the combination of any of those things, but I'm not enjoying the addition of the fourth element: library. I LOVE libraries. My frustration today got me thinking about libraries and what I love about them. I don't like that this library doesn't have a quiet study area or study rooms, because between drum circles and children it's pretty noisy here. But I have an iPod, I study better with music, and every once in awhile the drumming oddly synced up with my music, so it was fine. Despite our little tiff today, I still very much love libraries, so here's my celebration of these wonderful book shrines/learning castles:

Carnegie Library, c.1915
Circa 1915. This building is now a law office. Jim Flaherty's law office, to be exact.
Whitby Library After A Rain
This is the new Whitby Public Library main branch, and I LOVE it.

I can't find any pictures online of the building that acted as the main branch from the 70s- early 2000s. That building is where I fell in love with libraries. It was unabashedly 70s, and awesome. The new building was necessary, but I wish I could find some pictures of the old building, which was torn down to build the new building.

This is Mills Memorial Library at McMaster University on a snow day. It's the humanities and social sciences library on campus, so I spent a lot of my undergrad time here. I always loved the unique style of the building, and I have fond memories of script writing and procrastinating within its walls.

Mills and the Museum at night.
This is from inside the Health Sciences Library at McMaster University. I studied for many exams  in that room. It was great for winter exams, but this window taunted me with nice weather during April exams.
The Boston Public Library, the first municipal library in the U.S, and the first library to loan out books to the public! 
I have no idea where this is, I found it on Tumblr, but it's beyond awesome. My future house will have a room with floor to ceiling bookshelves on every wall, and one of those sliding library ladders. I hope it looks something like this:
Post-apocalyptic heaven
The Parliamentary Library in Ottawa.
Elephant visits library
A visitor at the Edinburgh Public Library in Scotland.

Have I just reached a new level of nerddom? Oh well, I can't fight it anymore!