Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Sometimes I have dreams that completely crush me. 

Sometimes I wake up thinking that a dream I just had would make an excellent film or novel plot, launching a super successful career and awesome life for myself. Then I can't remember anything more about the dream than the specific decor of the protagonist's bedroom and I spend the entire day mourning my screenplay/manuscript/successful career that will now never be.

Sometimes I wake up after a nightmare and I'm disturbed by it for the rest of the day, and I dwell over whether something in the nightmare could ever actually happen. This is how recurring nightmares start, I know that, yet I dwell anyway.

Sometimes I wake up from a wonderful and extremely vivid dream and I am crushed by the fact that it wasn't reality. Then I go back to sleep and try to go back to where I left off, but it's never as awesome because now I'm aware that it's just a dream. I am left feeling unfulfilled for the rest of the day.

And I won't even discuss my anxiety dreams... usually work related, usually an exaggeration of a real life situation, and also extremely vivid.

Instead of sleeping can I just watch films from my childhood all night? The Neverending Story, The Little Mermaid, Labyrinth, All Dogs Go To Heaven, The Land Before Time, Little Monsters, The Nightmare Before Christmas... I know they're not real, I know there's a happy ending, and they're inspirational! They will remind me about the importance of: self esteem and imagination, loving yourself for who you are, family and the awesomeness that is David Bowie, being a good person (or dog), adventure and friendship, something about monsters, don't fuck with Christmas. No sleep, just movies. I think I'll try that out...

Actually, on second thought, no. No.... noo no no no. No. If I fall asleep at the wrong point in any of those movies I'll have even more messed up dreams! I can see it now, it would look like this...

Artax sinks into the swamp of darkness, then I cry uncontrollably forever.

If I ever need to scream or yell in a dream, I always lose my voice. So if Ursula takes my voice, I will clearly get murdered or something next.

I get groped and dropped. "She said down?? She said down!!!"

I have to run away from these dudes because they're trying to take off my head.

The junk lady roots through my all my stuff (which I actually DO have nightmares about).

I help Charlie and Itchy win bets...

..but then find out Charlie is using me...

...and never trust again.

I get chased by Sharptooth.

Just about anything from Little Monsters could happen at this point, because that movie is actually quite scary (what were my parents thinking!?!)

And finally, I save Christmas, because, let's be honest, The Nightmare Before Christmas isn't very scary and is completely awesome, therefore dreams about it would be just pure awesomeness. 

 The end.