Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day I'm in ♥

Happy Earth Day!!!

We're having a federal election in Canada right now, and advanced polls opened today. So I'm going to celebrate Earth Day by taking a walk down to my advanced poll station! If you don't know where to go to vote in the advanced polls, or on election day, find out here: It also lists the candidates in your riding so you can check them out. Oh, and I'm also going to a Blue Jay's game tonight in Toronto with some friends I haven't seen in WAAAY too long!!! Nothing Earthy there, but lots of love :)

Here are some Earthy links and pictures I love for Earth Day, enjoy!

This is from a post on GOOD called DIY Urban Design, From Yarn Bombing to Guerrilla Gardening. It's about people reclaiming public spaces and shaping their appearance and use. It's really amazing what some communities have done, from building benches for pedestrians to brightening up a neighbourhood with plants or art, as well as converting an old phone booth (that no longer has a phone in it) to a book booth and creating bike lanes. I want to live in this house!!'s Earth Day roundup of cool things to do today!

eco coffee cup cutiegadget 300x300 Eco Friendly Recycled Coffee Cup
Starbucks is celebrating Earth Day by offering free drinks to customers in Canada and the US who bring in a reusable cup! I will most definitely partake in this offer :)


Colleen _2101-w



Green Heart (And the Green Grass Grows All Around, All Around)
The blog Offbeat Home has featured a list of 12 ways to green your home. I'm going to take up suggestion 11. I'd love to know which ones have you already done, and which ones you want to do- comment below!

Finally, here is David's Suzuki's Earth Day message. Let every day be Earth Day! 

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